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Welcome to our official webiste. Here you will find more information about Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia and Eskrima Combatives Filipino Martial Arts. Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia's scientific approach to the FMA has taken him to many parts of the Philippines, to discover the lost historical and combative philosophy from many known and unknown masters of Eskrima. From there he systematically put them into one fighting and teaching matrix. Through these works, many have come to seek his knowledge on the subject. Both as an historian and teacher of the FMA. Many have left enlightened and also dumbfounded.

"It's the simplicity that makes it hard to understand." -Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia

Emphasis on training is on scientific principles, tactics/strategies, fighting philosophy with the goal of mastery in the development of attaining personal martial skills. At the high level of thinking (a mindset), understanding that the idea of the methods and procedures becomes a STRATEGIC-DEFENSE INITIATIVE......

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